16 September, 2015

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April 2016


The Steel in Fire Forum

StiFF is a discussion group for researchers, specialists and design professionals interested in the behaviour of steel and composite framed structures under the influence of fire, and in the development of rational structural fire engineering design methods. Its subject matter is by no means confined to the thermo-mechanical behaviour of steel, but includes associated structural materials, the development and control of fires, fire protection systems and more general aspects of fire safety engineering.

The group has been in existence in its present form since 1995, having grown out of an ad-hoc group which was mainly concerned with the numerical modelling of the behaviour of steel structures in fire. This group's progress had been stimulated in the early 1990s by work associated with the full-scale fire testing programme which was then planned to take place in the 8-storey experimental composite building at BRE Cardington. These tests were conducted in 1995-96, and their results have continued to inform and influence the work of StiFF.

The forum is based in the United Kingdom, although it welcomes members and news of recent developments in the subject from all parts of the World. Membership is free, and administrative expenses are covered by sponsorship from Tata Steel Ltd.

The group meets twice per year, in the Spring and Autumn, to hear technical contributions from members and to discuss matters of current interest. This website has been set up in order to publicise the work of the group, and to provide a central discussion area for matters of interest.

The group is currently chaired by Roger Plank and coordinated by Ian Burgess, of the University of Sheffield.